Gravotech engraving supplies

Gravotech Rotary And Laser Engraving Supplies

Engraving accessories from Gravotech are designed with the engraver in mind. Browse through these products and discover your new favorite accessory!
Permanent marking and contrast

Permanent Marking

And contrast

Laser marking for metals, paints and paint thinners, oxidisers, wax sticks and heat transfer

Combine CO2 laser or rotary engraving with our wide range of color fills and oxidizers for incredible results! Gravotech proposes rotary engraving supplies and laser engraving supplies like TherMark® and CerMark® spray, top-end products for metal laser marking to achieve black marking. TherMark® and CerMark® spray are compatible with stainless steel, titanium, chromium, nickel, aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and the majority of crude metals. Available in spray, paste, or tape, to create high contrast and a permanent black mark on metals. As an engraving supplier, we also make engraving color like Gravolaque and Nitrolaque, and oxidizers like Aloxide and Gravoxide, cold wax sticks, and hot-printing foils. For sure, you will find the engraving supplies you need for your materials and your engraving color wishes.

Perfect cleaning for a high-quality end product

Perfect Cleaning

For a high-quality end product

For a perfect engraving result

Our selection of cleaning products guarantees efficiency and protection for your materials and tools. Environmentally friendly cleaning agent, as a spray or lint-free wipes, Gravoclean is ideal for removing marks on plates after engraving with even the most sensitive materials such as acrylic and ABS. To clean the surface of your metallic plates we have the universal cleaning agent. The industrial degreasing spray is recommended to remove traces of adhesive from metals. With these laser supplies, on your laser machine, for care and the removal of smoke residue and dust to extend the lifetime of your lens, use Gravoclean.

Gravotech engraving supplies

Stick, Maintain And Fix

All your engraved items

For repositioning or permanent fixing for smooth, rough and curved surfaces

Take advantage of Gravotech on-demand adhesive service! Save time and order, ready to engrave metallic and plastic materials with adhesive, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Ready to engrave! Choose from two standard adhesives, 467MP enables you to fix your items to a smooth surface whereas 468MP works on rough or textured surfaces. Use our adhesives, masking tape for laser engraving, and engraving tape to stick and fix your engraved plates, signs, labels and more, permanently or temporarily, on smooth, rough and curved surfaces, immediately and effectively. Our masking tape for laser engraving and engraving tape will be your new favorite. With our protective adhesive tape, you will achieve precise engraving while protecting more sensitive metals such as watchmaking quality brass.



hold the material during engraving

The essential fixing accessory for day-to-day work

Are you looking for a rapid and effective way of securing your material during engraving and cutting? Gravogrip™ is the solution! With Gravogrip™, you can affix all of your materials, including ones with adhesive. No soft jaws, no adhesive, no vacuum table. This flexible material sits on the table of your engraving machine to secure the material to be engraved or cut in place. It also retains the flatness of the thinnest materials during engraving and laser cutting, with our laser supplies on CO2 and fiber machines. Gravogrip™ is available in 48in x 24in for large engraving tables, as well as in different smaller sizes. Use it, clean it, reuse it, Gravogrip™ is essential for your day-to-day creations!

Lifespan of your tools and easy engraving on metals

Life Span Of Your Tools

and easy engraving on metals

A selection of the essentials for rotary engraving

Achieve precise cutting and engraving on ferrous, non-ferrous metals, and glass with our professional lubricants. For metal lubricant and other sensitive materials such as glass and crystal, our lubricants optimizes the lifetime of your tools and preserves your equipment while improving the quality of the machine. Choose Soluble oil to engrave on glass, Engravolube paste to engrave on most metals like aluminum, brass, steel, or stainless steel. Polycoupe spray for strong metals like steel, cast iron or aluminum as well as for lubricating your cutters, and Surfex as the best metal lubricant for aluminum. In addition to a nice engraving result, using these rotary engraving supplies will protect your tools and your rotary machine. Just test them!