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Choosing the right personalisation machine to engrave any items & gifts

This eBook contains direction from our experts to help you make the right choice.

Are you a craftsman or retailer who wants to add personalised engraving on your products? The question is: which technology should you choose? Mechanical engraving machine or laser - which is the best solution for your business?

In this eBook, discover the questions you need to ask yourself to choose the right personalisation machine for your needs.

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Finding the right machine for personalised engraving

Personalisation machines are numerous and varied, so you're bound to find one that suits your business:

  • artisan boutique,
  • jewelry store,
  • start-up in the midst of launching a business,
  • online sales site,
  • pop-up stores and events...  

To identify the engraving machine best suited to your personalised engraving applications, you need to ask yourself a few key questions.

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What questions should you ask to make the right choice?

Desired rendering, best customer experience, production speed, logistics... There are many criteria to consider when looking for a personalisation machine. In this eBook: the questions to answer before making your choice.

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What types of materials do you want to engrave?

Laser technology icon

Do you need to engrave one-offs or in series?

Icon budget

What is your purchasing budget

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How much space is available in your shop?  

Icon ecommerce

Would you like to automate the retrieval of personalisation data from your e-commerce site?


For each question asked, Gravotech will guide you on the engraving machine, technology and models to choose from our wide range of products, based on your answers! 

Craftsmen & Retailers: Offer personalised products


Thanks to this eBook, you'll be able to carry out an exhaustive analysis of your needs, find the ideal engraving machine for your business, and implement your product personalisation with complete peace of mind.

Choose your personalisation machine with this guide!

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