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Crystal and glass engraving

Engrave and customise glass and crystal pieces and offer your customers unforgettable memories with our glass engraving machines.

Custom engraving on glass or crystal offers a timeless way to personalise items, with engravings that are permanent and resistant to dishwasher cleaning.

This method allows for the addition of text, numbers, or logos, making each piece unique and customised. The versatility of engraving extends to a wide range of items, including wine, beer, and champagne glasses, bottles, perfumes, and mirrors.

Whether for personal use or as a special gift, a glass or crystal engraving provides a lasting impression and a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Discover our glass engraving machines

Our engraving stations offer tailored solutions for various needs.

The M20 is perfect for small items like perfumes, offering in-store personalisation. Gravotech provides an exhaustive jigs range for custom engraving.

Using an engraving gel increases the diamond tool lifetime and ensures a clean and smooth engraving result.

For larger products such as beer glasses and bottles, the M40 Gift and IS400 are ideal, featuring a rotary device for all-around engraving. The M40 Gift includes an automatic lubricant tank. 

The WeLase™ is perfect for fast glass and crystal engraving on small products like perfumes.

With a 30W CO2 laser source, this glass engraving machine effortlessly engraves glass and crystal.

The F100 lens, a new optional lens that can be installed on a Welase CO2 machine, ensures seamless, high-quality engraving, reducing the risk of chipping and breaking, especially for filled logos or fonts.

Crystal & Glass engraving: laser or rotary

Glass engraving with the F100 lens

Glass laser engraving

Experience rapid and efficient glass personalisation through laser engraving and increase your business margins. Glass laser engraving doesn’t damage or heat up the product content.

The result is a polished, frosted or sandblasting effect.

We recommend using various techniques to achieve optimal results:

  • Utilising wet paper, the most common method, which reduces surface temperature and prevents splinters.
  • Leveraging the halftone mode on Gravostyle™ for our LS laser tables, which prevents overheating and splintering.

Enhance your glass and crystal engraving by adding colour using gilding wax, available in gold or silver, for an elegant finishing touch to your products.


Advantages of glass laser engraving

Glass laser engraving offers the following benefits:

  • Speed and silence: fast and quiet engraving processes, ideal for in-store personalisation.
  • High precision: achieve intricate designs effortlessly with laser beams as thin as 0.1mm, ensuring precision even with complex patterns. This enables detailed work, such as precisely filling in logos and text, and even engraving photos.
  • Contactless engraving: ensure safety and the etched product integrity with contactless engraving, eliminating the need for jigs and minimising the risk of damage.
  • Versatility: a CO2 laser source allows to engrave not only glass but also various organic materials, eliminating the need for multiple machines.
Customisation of perfume bottle

Glass mechanical engraving

The glass mechanical engraving process ensures precision without the risk of product breakage, as machine pressure is meticulously adjusted.

Engraving gel is employed to prevent glass splinters and prolong the life of tools.

The resulting engraving is characterised by a white appearance, with grooves carved by a rotating diamond tip, making it perfect for stroke fonts and unfilled logos, achieving an authentic look.

Add colour to your engravings using gilding wax, available in gold or silver, and add an elegant touch to your products.


Advantages of a rotary glass engraver

Using a rotary glass engraver offers the following benefits:

  • Precision: achieve precise engravings with thin strokes, creating an elegant and visually pleasing result that reminds of handmade engravings.
  • Enhanced results: incorporate gilding wax for a touch of colour, enhancing the overall appearance and adding an extra layer of elegance.
  • Versatility: mechanical engraving machines are capable of engraving various materials, eliminating the need for multiple machines and offering flexibility in your engraving projects.
Engraving on candle glass filled with gold gilding wax

Why choose glass engraving over other techniques

While many other glass personalisation exist, glass and crystal engraving is:

  • Timeless and heat resistant. Engraving ensures enduring personalisation that withstands heat without deterioration.
  • Clean and precise. Unlike techniques like sublimation or inkjet printing, engraving offers clean and precise personalisation, even for small details.
  • Durable. Other techniques may be susceptible to scratches or damage from dishwashers, while engraving maintains its integrity over time.
  • An interactive experience. Offering engraving services in-store allows customers to witness the personalisation process firsthand, creating magical and memorable moments that enhance their experience.
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Our solutions match your glass engraving application

Bottle of wine engraved with rotary engraving machine

Bottle & glass personalisation

Glass engraving elevates special events with personalised touches on bottles, evoking emotions through engraving.

Engrave glass and crystal items in-store, online, or during events. Achieve personalised engraving on bottles and glasses, including conical shapes, for a truly customised experience.

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Engraved perfume

Perfume bottle & make-up container customisation

Boost your margins and create in-store traffic with live product engraving.

Engrave all kind of products with various shapes, sizes and material, including flat and cylindrical items. 

Our rotary device enables all-around engraving and placement flexibility to achieve truly customised results. 

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Mosaic of personalized jewels, glass and perfume


Make it unique, create emotions

You are a luxury brand or an international brand and you would like to develop an exclusive in store customer experience for your clients, on your e-commerce site or during an event?

Gravotech offers tailored solutions that will meet your needs. A dedicated project manager will guide you throughout the collaboration: discussing requirements, running samples on your products, selecting the best-suited personalisation technology, solution deployment and user training.


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