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Mini-inline: the new standard for easy and safe marking

A complete marking solution

Gravotech presents the Mini-inline, its new concept for a secure laser marking, designed for industrial companies and integrators wishing to free themselves from the complexity and cost of a class 1 laser enclosure.

The Mini-inline is a laser protection nose that is placed between the laser marking machine and the part.

This product was developed in partnership with a major player in the automotive industry with the aim of marking large metal or plastic industrial parts without compromising the speed of a production line.

Mini-inline and fiber laser mounted for automotive part marking


With its anodized aluminum chamber, the Mini-inline isolates the laser beam emitted by our laser marker from the working environment. While several safety sensors ensure the presence of the Mini-inline and the part to be marked.

Marking will only start if the Mini-inline is correctly attached, and if the part to be marked is present.

Particle management has also been planned: an outlet allows the laser system to be connected to a suitable extraction system. The fumes and particles generated during the laser marking process are sucked up and conveyed to the filters of the industrial extractor thanks to an ingenious system of air ducts, optimized to avoid the deposition and accumulation of particles within the Mini-inline, or even the lens of the industrial laser marking system.

No need for goggles or masks.

Easily integrated

Due to its small size, the Mini-inline can be easily integrated into a production line: forget about bulky and expensive laser protection structures!

Its small size allows it to be placed between our laser marking machine and the part to be marked. Together it forms a secure marking unit that can be integrated on any production line.

The Mini-inline can be integrated horizontally or vertically, and even be mounted on a robot arm. Its compactness makes it possible to mark hard-to-reach areas and a wide variety of metal or plastic parts.

Mini-inline mounted on Fiber, Fiber energy, Hybrid and Green laser series


Compatible with our Fiber, Fiber Energy, Hybrid and Green laser marking machines, the Mini-inline's design makes it very easy to assemble and mount.

Contrary to a costly and classic class 1 laser housing solution, which secures the environment of the laser marker, the Mini-inline does not require any major modification to the production line.

No consumables are required to operate it. We only recommend a cleaning every 20,000 marking cycles (according to your application).
Here is a list of typical parts that the Mini-inline marks: body parts; exhaust pipes; crankcase; gearboxes; stamped parts; fuel tanks; etc.

Approved and reliable, the Mini-inline is already installed in over 200 production sites.

By contacting Gravotech, you can obtain a free feasibility study on the installation of a laser marking machine and a Mini-inline.